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Dear divine jewels in Bharat and foreign lands, Greetings in Baba's remembrance!

We continue to learn and take inspiration from every scene of drama. Dadi Jankiji has been recuperating in Shantivan for more than three weeks now, and her immense tolerance power and positivity continue to amaze all of us.

Dadi Jankiji requires some check-up and consultation and so left for Ahmedabad today, Wednesday 16 April, at around 1pm.

Nirwairbhai was already scheduled to go to Ahmedabad today for his own checkup. Early this morning, he had an episode of breathlessness and so was taken immediately to the Hospital near Shantivan (Trauma Centre). Things were brought under control, and after some rest he was taken to Ahmedabad by 2.45pm.

We know everyone will continue to share their loving vibrations for our dearest Dadiji and Nirwairbhai to return to Shantivan in good health.

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