03-02-2006          Om Shanti           Avyakt Bapdada           Madhuban

Out of love for God, create a stage of complete purity in which there is no name or trace of waste.

Today, BapDada is seeing all His children everywhere who are loved by God. It is only the selected few out of the whole world who become those who have a right to God's love. It is only God's love that has brought you children here. It is only at this time out of the whole cycle that you experience God's love. At all other times, you experienced love from souls, from great souls, from religious souls, but now you have become worthy of receiving God's love. What would you reply when someone asks you where God is? That God, the Father, is with us, that we live with Him. God cannot stay without us and we cannot stay without God. You are experiencing so much love. You would say with intoxication that God is living in your heart and that you are living in His heart. You have experienced this, have you not? Are you experienced in this? What is in your heart? If we are not experienced in this, then who is? The Father is also pleased to see the children who have claimed a right to such love.

The sign of love for God: You are easily ready to sacrifice everything for the one you love. So, all of you have become as the Father wants you to be, have you not? That each and every child has become equal to the Father and has the Father visible through their face. You know what the stage is that the Father likes, do you not? The stage that the Father likes is that of complete purity. The foundation of this Brahmin birth is complete purity. Do you know the depth of complete purity? There should not be the slightest name or trace of impurity in your thoughts or your dreams. According to the closeness of time nowadays, BapDada is repeatedly drawing your attention to the fact that, in terms of complete purity, waste thoughts too are not complete purity. So check: Do you have waste thoughts? Check that no type of thoughts are distancing you from perfection. The more you continue to move forward in your efforts, check that wasteful thoughts are not wasting your time in a royal way. Do arrogance and insult attack you in a royal way in the form of waste thoughts? If, out of arrogance, anyone considers his speciality, which is a Godly gift, to be his speciality, then the arrogance of that speciality brings him down. It becomes an obstacle and the arrogance that comes in a subtle form, which you know about, is that there is the consciousness of "mine": There should be my name, my prestige. This consciousness of "mine" takes on the form of arrogance. These waste thoughts distance you from perfection because BapDada wants you to stay in your self-respect, not to have any arrogance or disregard. These are the reasons for waste thoughts coming.

BapDada wants to see every child with the faith and intoxication of being a double master. What is being a double master? One is that you are the masters of the Father's treasures and secondly, you are the masters of self-sovereignty. You are both types of master because all of you are the children and also the masters. However, BapDada has seen that all of you become the children, because all of you say, "My Baba". So, to say, "My Baba" means you are the children anyway. However, together with being a child, become both types of master. You become numberwise in becoming a master. So, I am a child and also a master. You have received the treasures of the inheritance and this is why you have the faith and intoxication of being a child, but you become numberwise in having faith and intoxication of being a master in a practical way. In becoming one who has a right to self-sovereignty, it is especially the mind that causes obstacles. Become a master of the mind; never be influenced by the mind. You say that you have self-sovereignty; so to be a self-sovereign means to be a king. Father Brahma checked himself every day; he became the master of his mind and claimed a right to become the master of the world. Similarly, the mind and intellect are ministers of the king. Therefore, when those waste thoughts arise in your mind, it is the mind that influences you with waste thoughts. If you do not control the mind, then, because of it being mischievous, the mind controls you. Therefore, check yourself. In any case, the mind is likened to a horse because it is mischievous, and you have the reins of shrimat. If the reins of shrimat become slack, even slightly, the mind would become mischievous. Why do the reins become slack? Because somewhere or other, you begin to look at the side-scenes. And, when the reins are slack, the mind takes its chance. So, always maintain the awareness: I am a master and a child. Check that you are a master of the treasures and also a master of self-sovereignty - am I a double master? If you are not that much a master, then weak sanskars emerge; and what do you say about sanskars? "My sanskars are like this, my nature is like this." But, are they "mine"? You refer to them as "my sanskars". Are they "mine"? Is it right to say, "my sanskars"? Is it right? Are they "mine"? Or are they Ravan's property? Weak sanskars are the property of Ravan. How can you say that they are yours? Which are "my" sanskars? The sanskars of the Father are "my" sanskars. So, what are the Father's sanskars? World benefactor. Good wishes and pure feelings. Therefore, to call any weak sanskar your sanskar is wrong. And if you have kept "my sanskars" in your heart, you have placed something impure in your heart. You have love for something that belongs to you, do you not? Therefore, by considering it to be yours, you have then given it a place in your heart. Because you have placed both the pure and impure in your heart, you children sometimes have to battle. What else would the two of them do? They would only battle. When you have "my sanskars" in your thoughts or in your words, check yourself: These impure sanskars are not "my" sanskars. So, you have to transform your sanskars.

BapDada wants to see each one of you children multimillion times fortunate in your activities and through your face. Some children say that they have become fortunate. However, while moving along, the fortune that should have emerged becomes merged. And BapDada wants to see the star of fortune sparkling on the forehead of every child. Anyone who sees you should see from your face and your activities that you are fortunate. Only then will revelation of the Father take place through you children, because, at present, the majority of people want to have an experience. Science of today is visible in a practical way; it gives you the experience, does it not? It gives you the experience of heat as well as coolness. Similarly, they too want an experience through the power of silence. The more you stay in this experience, the more you will be able to grant others an experience. BapDada has already given a signal that you now have to do combined service, not only through words but also become an image of experience and do the service of making others have an experience. Give them any experience - an experience of peace, an experience of happiness, an experience of soul-conscious love. Experience is such that, once you have experienced something, you cannot leave it. You may forget what you have heard, but you cannot forget what you have experienced. It brings them closer to those who gave the experience.

You are all asking what newness you should bring for the future. BapDada has seen that all of you are doing service with great zeal and enthusiasm; every wing is doing service. Today, too, many wings have come together. You have had mega programmes, you have given the message and so you have removed the complaint lodged against you. Therefore, congratulations for that. However, until now, the sound, that this is God's knowledge, hasn't spread. The Brahma Kumaris are doing a very good task; the knowledge of the Brahma Kumaris is very good. However, the sound, "This alone is God's knowledge, God's task is now being carried out" should now spread. You give them the meditation course, you have the connection made of the soul to the Supreme Soul, but, as yet, very few have had the experience that God Himself is carrying out His task. The soul and the dharna (values) are being revealed, you are doing a good job, you speak well, you teach good things, and as far as that goes, it is fine. They even say that your knowledge is good. However, the sound, that this is God's knowledge, will bring them closer to God and the closer they come to God, the more they will automatically continue to experience. So, make such a plan and fill your lectures with such power that they will come close to God. Their attention has been drawn to the imbibing of divine virtues, and they say that you give them knowledge of the soul and the Supreme Soul. However, the revelation that God has come and that He Himself is getting His task accomplished will bring them close like needles to a magnet. You people also came close when you understood that you had found the Father and that you had to meet Him. So, what understanding was it that made the majority become loving? That the task is very good. That the work the Brahma Kumaris are doing cannot be done by anyone else, that they enable transformation to take place. However, they do not come close enough to feel that God is speaking and that they have to claim their inheritance from God. The people who previously didn't understand what the Brahma Kumaris are doing and what their knowledge is have now begun to understand.

However, if they were to understand God's revelation, if they were to understand that this is God's knowledge, would they then be able to stop (prevent) themselves? Just as all of you came running here, they would run in the same way. So, now create such a plan. Prepare such lectures. Become the practical proof of this experience of God. Only then will the Father's revelation be visible in a practical way. Now, it is good that you have reached this far. The wave that everyone has to become good will spread through the experience of God's love. So, become an embodiment of experience and give others this experience. Achcha.

Now, with the awareness of being a double master, become powerful and make others powerful. Achcha, what are we going to do now?

It is the turn of Punjab to serve: Wave your hands. It is good that whatever zone is serving, they come here with an open heart (Many people turn up). You take a good chance. BapDada is also pleased that each zone takes a good chance to serve. It is common for everyone to say that Punjab are lions; the lions of Punjab. However, BapDada says that lions means victorious. So, those from Punjab should always experience the tilak of victory on their forehead. You have received the tilak of victory. Always have this awareness: We are the victorious ones every cycle. We were, we are and we shall become this every cycle. It is good. Punjab is also making a programme to bring heir- quality souls to the Father, are you not? As yet, you haven't brought heir-quality souls in front of BapDada. You have brought loving souls. All zones have brought loving and co-operative-quality souls but you haven't yet brought heir-quality souls here. You are getting them ready, are you not? All types are needed. Heirs are needed. Loving souls are needed. Co-operative souls are needed. Mikes are needed. Might is needed. All types are needed. It is good. There is growth in the centres. Each one is progressing in service with zeal and enthusiasm. Now, we shall see which zone reveals the fact that God has come. Which zone will reveal the Father? BapDada is watching that. Will the foreign countries do this? They too can do it. Punjab, claim a number in this. Take it. It is good. Everyone will co-operate with you. You have been trying for a long time to spread the sound, "This is the One. This is the One. This is the One." At the moment, the sound is, "There is this too." They are not saying, "This is the only One." So, what will Punjab do? There has to be the sound, "This is the only One. This is the only One." When will you do it by? Will you do it this year? The New Year has just begun, has it not? So, there should be some newness in the New Year, should there not? You have heard for a long time: "There is also this." Just as you only have "Baba, Baba, Baba" automatically in your mind, in the same way, it should emerge from their lips, "Our Baba has come." The sound "My Baba, My Baba", should emerge from all four corners. However, it will begin from one corner, will it not? So, will Punjab perform this wonder? Why would you not do it? You have to do it. Very good. Congratulations to you in advance. Achcha.

Meetings of six wings were taking place in this turn: (Science and Engineering, Business, Religious, Social Service, Media, and Security). All of you stand up. (Every wing was showing their own banner.) Achcha, all of you have become busy, and so congratulations for remaining busy in service. Each of you is adopting your own method. Look, seeing the banner of the Science and Engineering Wing, the wonder is that science is showing its practical examples. In the same way, spread the experience of the power of silence in such a practical way that it emerges from everyone's lips: "Science is science, but silence is beyond limits", because neither religion nor science has the miracles of silence in a practical way. So you have to prove the task of silence. Those in the field of religion have to prove in a practical way that God is one and that His task is being carried out now. Their intellect should move away from everywhere else and become connected to One. Their intellect should become concentrated. Whatever wing you are, BapDada has already said that all of you are doing the work and making good plans, but now the speed of time is moving fast, and so, according to the time, make such a plan that everyone's intellect doesn't think about anything but God. The word "Baba, Baba" should emerge from the lips of the majority of them. You have made good plans, BapDada has heard about them, but you now have to do something fast. Look at science: it is making time and all things extremely subtle. So, give people the experience of how the power of silence makes everyone powerful. BapDada is congratulating all the wings that have come. In fact, both the Media and Medical Wings are moving forward. BapDada has heard that the Media Wing is progressing fast, but you were told for the Media too, that whoever picks up a newspaper or whoever switches on the radio or TV, the sound should emerge, "Our Baba has come!" It isn't that the other wings are not doing this. All the wings are doing this, but BapDada is seeing which wing will become the number one instrument for this. Which zone will become the number one instrument? OK, put everything else aside, but wherever you have a programme, everyone who comes to the programme should say, "Baba has come." At least this should begin. Or, will you say that you are still effort-makers and that you will soon become complete, and then this task will also be accomplished, because your becoming complete is connected with the hoisting of the flag of revelation. So, BapDada told you that you have waste thoughts even now - in a royal way and also in an ordinary way. Each of you should become the master of your mind. God's child and a master. Achcha. Congratulations. Congratulations. Congratulations.

Meeting the double foreigners: BapDada says: First of all, the double foreigners are the most beautiful decoration of Madhuban. It looks so good. This land and the lands abroad are all united in one direction and are doing world service with a concentrated and stable intellect. There are the international people of all nationalities on the one stage. There are all types of people sitting on the one stage. Do all of you belong to the one Father and none other? Is there a second person? Even waste thoughts means that there is someone else. Today, BapDada wants there to be the method of all thoughts becoming one pure thought. The weakness that lasts for a long time in the thoughts in your mind makes your mind and intellect co-operate with each other due to many reasons, so that the thoughts of weakness that continue in your mind and intellect then become sanskars. Because they continue for a long time, they take on the form of sanskars. However, no longer ever say, "my sanskars". If you consider them to be "my sanskars" then BapDada and the Brahmin family will think that you have love for Ravan's property. So, double foreigners, you have bid farewell to that, have you not? Have you? Waste has stopped. The Father is the Almighty. We are almighty. All waste has finished. Is that all right? The foreigners have one speciality that the Father likes. What is that? You don't keep anything inside you; you speak about everything; the majority of you don't hide anything. The majority of you are like that. And you also have the habit of putting into practice the determined thought you have, and this is why double foreigners begin with a determined thought to finish waste. That is best. Is that all right? Will double foreigners do this? You have this in the form of a sanskar within you, that whatever thought you have, you demonstrate it practically. So, in all the foreign lands, there should be no name or trace of waste: no waste time, no waste words, no waste thoughts, no waste actions and no waste relationships or connections. Is that OK?

Do you like it? Achcha. So when will this result be announced? You will become examples, will you not? So, when will this result be achieved? When will this result be out? In three months or in one year? What are you thinking? What are the teachers thinking? (Dadi Janki said: Now Shiv Ratri is coming, so we will do it instantly. Baba has said it and so it is already accomplished.) It is good that you will have a determined thought. You have to do it. No matter what happens, you have to do it. (Everyone said that it will be achieved by Shiv Jayanti.) Congratulations. A hundred thousandfold congratulations. Very good. May you all have a gulab jamun in your mouth. Achcha.

Anyone who wants to move ahead with zeal and enthusiasm can do so. It isn't that the double foreigners have raised their hands, and so what would you do? What will those from India do? You wish to claim number one, do you not? You should all have the enthusiasm in your heart that you have not said anything, but that you will demonstrate it by doing it practically. So, will those from India do this? Will you show this courage? Will you show this courage? Those in the first row are not raising their hands.

Yes, will those from Madhuban also do this? Those from Madhuban, raise your hands! For those from Madhuban, BapDada says: Those who are at the hearth are in the heart. Those from Madhuban have a very big lift. If you wish to go up in the lift, you can become complete very quickly. People come to Madhuban, but you actually live in Madhuban. Just do not become careless. Do not put aside the lift and climb the stairs. Go up in the lift. BapDada is giving Madhuban niwasis congratulations for every season. You do good service, but.... There is a "but". Should Baba tell you "but what"? Or should He tell you privately? Those from Madhuban are very sensible. They have understood it within themselves and this is why they are not saying anything. Look, those from Madhuban get to listen to the murli personally every year, every season. Others do not get this chance. Those from Madhuban can meet everyone with a smile and reveal the Father through their faces. When you say, "my Baba", that should be visible on your face and in your activity. You are doing it. It is not that you are not doing it. You are doing it. You now have to do it a little fast, but yes, you are doing it. Wherever you go, when they hear the name of Madhuban, that you are those from Madhuban, everyone looks at you with so much regard. Everyone has love for Madhuban and also for the Madhuban niwasis. So, it is good that Baba has met those from Madhuban today. Today, someone said that Baba has to meet those from Madhuban. So, you met BapDada, did you not? Did you meet BapDada? Achcha.

To all the children everywhere who are spiritual roses, to those who are extremely loving to the Father and extremely detached from body consciousness, to the specially beloved children of BapDada's heart, to the children who always belong to the one Father, who have a concentrated mind and a constant and stable stage, to all the children in different places everywhere, who are living in different places and who come to Madhuban through the facilities of science, to those who are seeing Baba personally, to all the specially beloved, long-lost and now-found children, to the children who have claimed a right to God's love every cycle, love and remembrance from BapDada, please accept multimillionfold blessings from the heart, and also, namaste from BapDada to the children who are double masters.

To Dadiji: You are the hero actor of Madhuban. You always remember the zero. The body may not be working well, it works a little slowly, but everyone's love and blessings are making you move. You have the Father's blessings and you also have everyone's blessings. Do all of you love Dadi? Everyone says that they want the Dadis. So, what is the speciality of the Dadis? The speciality of the Dadis is that they take every step according to the Father's shrimat. They make their mind surrender to the Father's remembrance and service. All of you are also doing this, are you not? Surrender your mind. BapDada has seen that the mind shows great wonders. What are the wonders that it performs? It becomes mischievous. The mind should become concentrated and stable, just as when you hoist a flag. In the same way, the flag of the mind is Shiv Baba; concentrate on Shiv Baba. That time is also coming close. Sometimes, BapDada hears the very good thoughts of the children. Everyone's aim is very good. Achcha. Now, very few Dadis are remaining. Only a few Dadis that can be counted are left. Everyone has love for Dadis, do you not? Achcha. (Let all Dadis continue in the same way.) They are here now; there is no question about it. Achcha. Look how much beauty there is in this hall. It feels like a rosary, does it not? And the beads of the rosary are sitting in the middle. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *