31-12-2005         Om Shanti          Avyakt Bapdada          Madhuban

In the New Year, burn your old sanskars in the fire of yoga and become number one in renunciation, tapasya and service, like Father Brahma.

Today, BapDada, is giving everyone from everywhere - whether they are sitting personally in front of Baba or are close to His heart while sitting far-away - three types of congratulations. First are congratulations for the new life, second are congratulations for the new age and third are congratulations for this New Year's Day. All of you have also come here to give congratulations and to receive congratulations for the New Year. In fact, only you Brahmin souls receive and give the greetings of happiness of a true heart. Today has great importance. It is a farewell (vidaai) and also greetings (badhaai). It is the confluence age of farewell and greetings. Today is called the Day of the Confluence. The praise of the confluence is very great. All of you know that, because of the praise of the confluence age, people celebrate the confluence of the old year and the New Year with so much pomp and splendour. It is because of the praise of the confluence age that there is praise of the confluence of the old year and the New Year. There is also praise of the confluence where two rivers meet. There is also praise of the confluence where a river meets an ocean. However, the greatest praise is of this confluence age, the most auspicious age, where you fortunate Brahmin souls are sitting. You have this intoxication, do you not? If you were to be asked which period you are living in, whether you are living in the iron age or the golden age, what would you reply with intoxication? At this time, we are living in the most auspicious confluence age. You are not in the iron age; you are in the confluence age. Why is there special praise of this confluence age? It is because the meeting between God and the children takes place: a gathering takes place, a meeting which doesn't take place in any other age takes place. So, you have come to celebrate in the mela, have you not? You have all come from so many different places to celebrate the mela. Did you ever think about this even in your dreams that you, the soul, have such a fortune recorded in the drama? It was recorded and it is recorded for souls to meet the Supreme Soul. The Father too is pleased to see the fortune of each child. Wah! Fortunate children, wah! Seeing your fortune, you automatically sing the song of "Wah, wah" from your heart, do you not? Wah, mai (myself), wah! Wah, my fortune, wah! Wah, my Baba, wah! Wah, my Brahmin family, wah!

So, at this time of the confluence, have you yourself thought about what things you have to bid farewell to? Have all of you thought about it? You have to bid farewell for all time because by bidding farewell for all time, you will be able to celebrate with happiness for all time. Give such greetings that, seeing your face, any soul who comes in front of you also attains those greetings and becomes happy. What does someone who always gives and receives greetings from the heart look like? A confluence-aged angel. This is everyone's effort, is it not? To become an angel from a Brahmin, and a deity from an angel. You have given to the Father all the types of thoughts and the burden of the family and of your actions that you have, have you not? Have you given the burden to Him or is there still a little burden left with you? Because, even the slightest burden will not allow you to become an angel, and, since the Father has come to take the burden from you children, is it difficult to give Him the burden? Is it difficult or easy? Those who think that they have handed over the burden, raise your hands! Have you given it? Be careful, raise your hand after careful consideration. Have you given away the burden? Achcha. Have you given it away? Congratulations! If you have given it away, then many congratulations! And, those who have not given it, what have you kept it for? Do you love burdens? Do you like burdens? Look, what does BapDada call each of you children? O My carefree emperor children. One worries about their his burden. The Father has come to take away the burden, because the Father is seeing that the children have become very heavy carrying the burden for 63 births. Therefore, since the Father is telling you children with love to hand the burden over to Him, why are you still holding on to it? Do you like the burden? The most subtle burden of all is that of the old sanskars. BapDada saw every child's chart for this year, because it is now the end of the year. All of you too must have checked your own chart for the year. What did BapDada see? That for some children the attraction to this old world has been reduced a little. The attraction to old relationships has also been reduced, but for the majority, the burden of old sanskars still remains. In one form or another, whether through the mind - there aren't impure thoughts in the mind - but the percentage of the sanskar of waste thoughts is still visible. It is also visible in your words. In relationships and connections too, one sanskar or another is still visible.

So, today, together with congratulations, BapDada is giving all the children this signal: this sanskar that still remains will deceive you at some time, and, at the end too, it will be an instrument to deceive you. Therefore, today, have the cremation ceremony of the sanskars. Each one of you knows your own sanskars; you want to renounce them, you are fed up with them, but you are not intense effort-makers in transforming them for all time. You do make effort, but you are not intense effort-makers. What is the reason for this? Why are you unable to make intense effort? The reason is this. Just as you kill Ravan, and you don't just kill Ravan, but you also burn him, in the same way, you make effort to kill the sanskars, they even become a little unconscious, but because they are not burnt, they awaken every now and then from being unconscious. For this, to have the cremation ceremony (sanskar - final ceremony when a person dies) of the old sanskars, pay attention with determination to burn them in the fire of yoga in the New Year. You ask what you have to do in this New Year, do you not? The question of service is a different matter, but first it is a matter of the self. You do have yoga, for BapDada even sees you children practising having yoga. You also make a lot of effort at amrit vela, but your yoga- tapasya is not in the form of an intense fire. You definitely remember Baba with love, you also have many heart-to-heart conversations, you also practise taking power from Baba, but you haven't made your remembrance so powerful that if you had the thought to bid farewell, you would actually be able to bid farewell. You are not using yoga in the form of the fire of yoga. Therefore, make your yoga powerful. The power of concentration is especially necessary to burn particular sanskars. Whatever form you wish to become stable in, for however long you wish to become stable in that, you just have a concentrated thought and you will be able to burn it. This is called the fire of yoga. All name and trace finish. When you kill something, the corpse still remains. When it is burnt, all name and trace of it finishes. So, this year, let your yoga reach a powerful stage. Whatever form you wish to stay in, when you, a master almighty authority, issue an order to the power to finish something, it is not possible that that power would not obey your order. You are the masters. You call yourselves masters, do you not? If a master issues an order and the power doesn't present itself, then is that one a master? BapDada has seen that even now, there is still a trace of one old sanskar or another and that that trace creates a progeny every now and again, which then makes you put it into action. You then have to battle. So, according to the time, BapDada doesn't like the present battling form of the children. BapDada wishes to see every child in the form of a master. When you issue an order, the power should become present.

So, did you hear what you have to do for the self this year? To be a powerful carefree emperor, because this is everyone's aim. When you ask everyone, what do they say? We will claim the kingdom of the world; we will claim a right to the kingdom. You call yourselves Raj Yogis. Are you praja yogis (yogis who become subjects)? Is anyone in this whole gathering a praja yogi? Is there anyone who is a praja yogi and not a Raj Yogi? Teachers, is anyone like that? Is anyone at your centre a praja yogi? All of you are called Raj Yogis. None of you are raising your hands as praja yogis. You don't like that, do you? And the Father too has this intoxication. BapDada says with intoxication that, at the confluence age, every child is a kingly child. No other father could say with such intoxication that every child of his is a king. However, BapDada says that every child of His is a self-sovereign king. You didn't raise your hands for being praja yogis; so you are kings, are you not? However, you must not be a weak king, so that even when you order someone to come, he doesn't come. Do not become a weak king. What are those who are sitting at the back? Those of you who believe that you are Raj Yogis, raise your hands! Some are even sitting in the gallery. (Today, there are 18,000 brothers and sisters in the hall and the gallery.) BapDada is seeing you. Those sitting in the gallery, raise your hands! So, now, this will begin the last turn. So BapDada is now giving you three months. Is that all right? Should Baba give you that? Will you hand in your homework? Because this homework that you are given every now and then will be accumulated in the last paper. So, for three months each one of you should check your chart: When, I, a master almighty authority, order any of the physical organs or any of the powers, is that order obeyed in a practical way or not? Are you able to do this? Are those sitting in the first row able to do this? Raise your hands! Achcha. For three months, none of your old sanskars should attack you. Do not be careless! Do not allow royal carelessness to come by thinking it will happen by the end. You have very sweet conversations with BapDada. You say: Baba, don't worry, I will become that. What will BapDada do? He listens to this and smiles. However, if you speak in that way for these three months, BapDada will not believe you. Do you agree to this? Raise your hands! Raise your hand with your heart, not just because of the gathering. "I have to do it; no matter what I have to tolerate or what I have to renounce, it doesn't matter. I definitely have to do this." Pukka? (Is it firm?) Pukka? Teachers, are you going to do this? Achcha. What will these children with the crowns do? You have worn very good crowns. You too will have to do this. Achcha. Look, even the children are raising their hands. What should we do if you don't do it? Tell them that too. Then BapDada will not allow you to come for one season because BapDada is seeing that time is waiting for you. You are not those who are waiting for time; you are those who are preparing yourselves and time is waiting for you. Nature, the satopradhan elements are invoking you as well. So, in the three months, with your powerful stage, transform the sanskars that still remain. If you pay attention for three months, then that practice will be developed for the future too. Once you have learnt the method for transformation, it will be very useful. You do not have to wait for time - When will destruction take place? When will destruction happen? You all ask this in your sweet conversations. You do not say anything externally, but internally you do speak about it: I don't know when destruction will take place. Will it be in two years or ten years? How many years are there still to go? Why should you wait for time? Time is waiting for you. You ask the Father to tell you the date, to give you the year. Will it take 10 years, 20 years? How many years will it take?

BapDada is asking you children a question: Have all of you become equal to the Father? Should we open the curtains? Or is it that if the curtains are opened, someone will be combing their hair, someone will be putting cream on their face? If you are ever-ready and your sanskars have finished, it will not take BapDada time to open the curtains. At least become ever-ready first! You have pleased the Father for a long time, saying: I will become that, I will become that. Now, do not do that any more. It has to happen. You have to do it. All of you raise your hands for becoming equal to the Father. There is no need to raise them. Look at Father Brahma! You will follow Father Brahma in the corporeal form, will you not? Father Brahma demonstrated this by having renunciation, tapasya and service in a practical way until the last moment in the corporeal form. He fulfilled his duty of allowing Father Shiva to speak the elevated versions until the last day. You remember this, do you not? The last murli. Do you remember the blessing of the three words? Those who remember them, raise your hands! Achcha, everyone remembers it. Congratulations! He had renunciation till the last day. He didn't renounce his old room. The children requested Father Brahma with so much love (to live in the new buildings), but he made everything for the children, and didn't use it himself. He always woke up at 2.30 or 3.00 am and did tapasya for the self. He burnt his sanskars, for that is how he became karmateet, avyakt and an angel. He demonstrated by doing practically whatever he thought. His speaking, thinking and doing were all equal. Follow the father. Till the last moment, he remained engaged in his task. He wrote letters. How many letters did he write? He didn't stop doing service. Follow the Father. He was a great donor continuously, not just a great donor, but he showed the practical form of being a great donor continuously (akhand) till the last moment. Till the last moment he sat in his tapaswi form, without any physical support. Now, you children take support for sitting down, but Father Brahma kept a tapaswi form from the beginning to the end. He didn't wear glasses. This is subtle power. Free from support. The body is old, and day by day, the climate, air and water are getting polluted and this is why BapDada is not asking you why you take support or why you wear glasses. You may wear them. However, you must definitely make your stage powerful. Have you finished the work of the whole world? BapDada is asking you a question: Are all of you satisfied that the work for world benefit has been completed? Are you? Those who believe that the task for world benefit is completed, raise your hands! Not a single one? So, how can you say that destruction will take place? You haven't completed your work yet!

Everyone is asking: What should we do in the New Year? You have this question. BapDada says: You have had many mega programmes to give the message. BapDada is congratulating you for that. You have done that and done it well, but you have just given a message and not given an experience. For that, just as you encourage one another every now and again, or seeing the zeal and enthusiasm, you also do everything with zeal and enthusiasm, the result is good; you must now make such a plan that even royal subjects are created. Royal subjects means those who come into close connection. They are in relationship and contact. First of all at least prepare 900,000. Are 900,000 ready now? Are they? Are 900,000 ready? Who will make a list? (A list will come now. Last year, it was 812,000). If 900,000 are ready, of what quality are those who are ready? Are they worthy to be royal subjects who are close? This will have to be checked too, will it not? Achcha. Now, check your chart. One is the 900,000, the population of the first birth. The royal family is needed, is it not? If we bring about destruction tomorrow, are the royal subjects ready? Are they ready? Or, will you have to get them ready? If you try to find them like that, you will find 900,000, but quality is also needed. If you count those who are in relationship and contact, then it would be 900,000, but BapDada says that the subjects of the first birth will be those who have claimed a good number, will they not? Because they are also to receive number one in everything. They will be the first number, the date will be one, the period will be one, the kingdom will be one. Therefore, check that 900,000 of this quality are ready. Are the royal subjects ready? The royal family should be ready. It is, but this year, they just have to finish some sanskars. BapDada has the thought that every centre should have an official programme for this yoga practice and have the aim that it should be printed in the papers in this land and abroad that the Brahma Kumaris are going to have the same programme at so many centres on the same day. Also have the aim that you won't have yoga with just a commentary but that you will give them an experience. An experience makes them strong. There should be the same programme at the same time at every centre. Each centre should write the result of what everyone experienced. You may have a one-day or a three-day programme, but it should be at the same time everywhere, just as you have the programme for the third Sunday. Now, aim to have a programme everywhere for giving an experience, so that people from this land will also understand that you have held a programme everywhere in the world at the same time to bring about peace in the world. Aim to make them experienced. They should not go away having just heard something, but they should go away with an experience. How did all of you come to belong to the Father? You experienced something or other, whether it was love, or whether you experienced love by eating toli. You experienced the behaviour of the sisters, you experienced the smile of the sisters, you experienced their hospitality. You experienced something or other and this is why you came to belong to Baba. So, make them have an experience in this way. Now do continuous service. A lot of service still remains to be done. Achcha.

You have already given greetings to one another on this day. What else do people do? They give gifts. BapDada too has received so many gifts and many beautiful cards. All of you can see them when you get up. In fact, anyone who comes to you should not go back empty-handed, even if you give them the gift of power through your mind, the gift of knowledge through words, or the gift of virtues through actions, but definitely give a gift to whoever comes into relationship or connection with you. Do not send anyone away empty-handed. You are master bestowers. It should not be that they come to a master bestower and go away empty-handed. Become continuously great donors. Akhand. Baba is asking you to become akhand. Continue to do one service or another, whether through thoughts, words, deeds or through relationships and connections. Become an akhand server. While having a heart-to-heart conversation with the Father, some children say that at amrit vela there are sometimes vibrations of a little laziness. You definitely wake up, but sometimes there is definitely the feeling of a little tiredness in giving power to the self and the world in a powerful way. At that time, do not think that you are sitting in the yoga room of your centre, in Baba's room or in the classroom, but consider yourself to be sitting on the world stage. You are hero actors sitting on the stage. If a hero actor is playing his part with tiredness, how would he play it? How would the atmosphere spread? So, make your amrit vela powerful. You do fulfil the discipline, but your yoga should now be powerful with all powers; there has to be the fire of yoga. It should be in a fiery form. So, for these three months, especially note down your chart of amrit vela. You speak of very good things. You are in a very loving form, but the fiery form is missing a little. Now, not even the slightest trace of sanskars should remain, for only then can you be called a yogi soul with the intense form. And, together with that, in this New Year, whatever treasures there are - knowledge, powers, virtues, and elevated thoughts - firstly, use them in a worthwhile way and secondly accumulate them. Accumulate them and also use them in a worthwhile way. Your title and blessing is "The stars of success." Your title is "A star of success", is it not? All of you say with intoxication that success is the garland around your neck, that success is your birthright. So, you are embodiments of success. So use them in a worthwhile way and also accumulate them. No matter how much service you do, the sign or the golden key of whether you accumulated it in your account or not is to do everything with the consciousness of being an instrument, to have humility and to have pure words. Do you have all three? If even one of the three is missing, then, no matter how much service you do, it doesn't accumulate in your account. Then whatever you accumulate is very little, just in name. So, BapDada also checked that you do a lot of service, but that you do not accumulate as much as you should in your account of accumulation, and the reason for that is.... You understand the reason for that, do you not? Firstly, the three specialities: in the consciousness of being an instrument, the consciousness of "I" becomes mixed in that. When there is the consciousness of "I", you do not accumulate anything. No matter how much effort you make, even if you run around day and night and use your head, if you don't have all these three - the consciousness of being an instrument, a humble nature, and pure words - then you don't accumulate anything. At the most, you accumulate 5%. So, check whether you accumulated anything. BapDada is showing you a very easy path. Whoever you come into relationship and connection with - whether lokik or alokik - first of all, check your attitude of good wishes and pure feelings. Whenever you meet others, always speak to them seeing them as souls. You should have the happiness that that soul is the same soul of the previous cycle, a soul who is one of the handful out of multimillions from the previous cycle who has come to create his fortune. See that soul with that feeling. Even if that soul is part of the infantry, he is still one out of multimillions. At least he says, "My Baba!" Even if he has anger, if he doesn't have a good nature, you just keep your nature elevated. Look at that soul as an elevated soul, for only then will the task work out well, and you will then accumulate. So, you have received a lot of homework to do for this year. Everyone is asking: What should we do? What should we do? What should we do? You have been given a lot of homework. Then, BapDada will give the number one gift to the one who passes in all the homework. Even if there are a thousand of you, BapDada will still give you a gift. Baba will have a gift made. You will do this, will you not? (Prepare a gift.) However, Baba will want a certificate. It isn't that you will say something and Baba will believe you. He will also want a certificate from your companions. First is the certificate of the mind, then is the certificate from the Brahmin family and the third is the certificate from the Father. So, you will claim these certificates, will you not? Do you have this courage? Those of you who believe that you will definitely claim a certificate and have this firm faith - you have the firm determination - even the youth are raising their hands for this. The youth group is also raising their hands. It is good. Double foreigners are also raising their hands. These people sitting in the front row are not raising your hands. Raise your hands high that you will definitely do it. In that case, many gifts will have to be made. Compared to the preparations you have to make to become ready, these gifts are nothing. First of all, you will receive God's heart-throne. However, you will be given a gift. Achcha. What is to be done now?

Eastern Zone, Nepal and Tamil Nadu are responsible for service: BapDada has seen that whichever zone receives this chance, they get together in large numbers with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. They have happiness because they receive this golden chance. So, look how many have come? They are half the hall. All three together are about 5000. Look, the area they are in is also very big. There are three to four states in one zone. One zone is seven states. OK, no matter how many there are, the speciality of the Eastern Zone is that the sun rises in the East. It rises in the East, does it not? And the Sun of Knowledge also entered in the East. Achcha, what else remains? One task is still left to be done. Baba spoke of two things: the sun has risen and the Sun of Knowledge has also risen, but the flag of revelation should also be hoisted in the Eastern Zone. Yes, do something for that. Make such a plan that the flag of revelation begins to be hoisted in the Eastern Zone. It will spread in the world anyway. While sitting here, have a meeting about what to do. Each zone feels that they will be the instruments for hoisting the flag of revelation. You may try everything, but BapDada says that the Eastern Zone should claim number one in this. Will you do this? You will have to bring about revelation. You will have to spread the sound. It is good. You can do this. Create groups in every state where they are intense effort-makers through their thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections. Then, create your gatherings and give and take advice from one another and this will be possible. You will have to do it. You will have to make intense effort. Do not think that it is continuing and that students are coming; no. However, you will have to make a special programme to hoist the flag of revelation. Baba is not telling you about doing a mega programme. That has already been done and that was very good, but the flag of revelation should be hoisted. There are many states and all of you together can do this. Will those who are at the back do this? Those who have come here, will you do this? In how much time will you do this? At least make plans! BapDada will see the plans. Those from Delhi are thinking that the flag of revelation should be hoisted in Delhi. There is the field there, but make a plan of how you will hoist the flag of revelation. What have you thought about that? You hold programmes and you have to do that, but there should now be the sound when anyone switches on the radio or TV that "Our Shiv Baba has come!". Then, it will be said that the flag of revelation has been hoisted. Achcha, those from the Media are thinking that they will do this. Anyone can do this. Wherever anyone switches on a radio in this land or abroad, this sound should come. This is called the flag of revelation. Who will do this? Will the lands abroad do this? Will it happen abroad? You can do it, anyone can do it and you can claim the first prize. Let this sound spread everywhere: "He has come, He has come, He has come." It is good that there are large numbers, and so now perform wonders. It is good to claim the first number. What pleasure is there in the second and third numbers? First. Achcha. You are playing a very good part. BapDada has seen that all of you souls co-operate very well with one another. Baba receives the news. Wherever there is a programme, they go to help and make the task successful, and BapDada is giving special congratulations for that. Now show your sparkle. You have a song, do you not: Those who see your sparkle then belong to you. They should now sing this song; the world should sing this song. Achcha.

Jurist Wing: You are making good plans. (We will prove who the God of the Gita is.) Your plans are very good, but in order to prove who the God of the Gita is, first of all, discuss this among yourselves and extract points. This is good, but also work with someone of such authority. First of all, satisfy them (that this is correct) and then make them your companions. Have two to four such companions who work with you to prove this. Make those who have the authority of the Gita your companions. (We have two judges ready for this.) It is good. Make a plan and then show it to Baba.

Double foreigners (from 45 countries): Achcha, there are children and also the youth. BapDada gives the double foreigners the title "Double Intense Effort-makers" because your speciality is that you do whatever you think - whether it is right or wrong! You have the courage to do something. Therefore, use this courage in your spiritual effort and in service. BapDada has seen that you keep a good aim to make the plans practical. So, it is possible that the sound will first of all emerge from abroad to awaken India. It is possible that the sound from abroad comes to India. BapDada remembers that when there used to be big programmes in India at the beginning, someone from abroad with an authority would come and the lectures they gave were printed in the newspapers. Now, they haven't come in the midst of such special gatherings for a long time. They have come separately for retreats and other programmes, but it would be good if it were like the early days, when special souls used to speak at gatherings. You are now making programmes for the 70th anniversary. Try to do this in that because the newspaper people take an interest in that. Good expansion is taking place and you are doing good programmes. So, congratulations for that. Earlier, there used to be fewer people coming there too, but there are now good numbers coming, and good quality heir souls are also emerging. However, will those abroad claim the number in three months? Will you claim the first number? Those who will claim it, raise your hands! You will have to claim the three certificates. Have courage. Everyone thinks that the culture of those from abroad is separate, but those from abroad can claim a number ahead of those from India. This is possible, is it not? It has to happen. It is possible because those abroad have the sanskar of determination. Now, for this, simply use the sanskar of determination and it will happen. Is that OK? You want to claim number one, do you not? Achcha. Those from abroad come in every turn as it becomes international, so the gathering becomes beautiful. Very good. Achcha, what will this group in the front (Sindhi group) do? You are standing in a line very well and there is good growth, and so congratulations for that. BapDada is asking whether this group remembers that some time ago you said that each one of you will bring another one like yourself. Has each one of you prepared another one, one who is ahead of you? Those who have done this, raise your hands and those who have brought that one here, raise your hands! Achcha. You have fulfilled this and so congratulations. Many, many congratulations for this, but you will now have to bring more. There has to be expansion. The equals of the land of Sindh, where the Father came, have to awaken, do they not? You feel mercy for them, do you not? You say with intoxication that Shiv Baba came in the land of Sindh, do you not? So now perform wonders. There are good ones, and you can do it. What do you think? (If we don't do it now, when will we do it? We have many blessings from Baba and so we will definitely do it.) How many Sindhis are there all together in the Brahmin family? There are very few. (32 have come in this group.) Now, bring at least a hundred. Can you not bring a hundred? We will bring 108. Little children, bring the little ones and your friends. BapDada is pleased. You are maintaining courage and also receiving help. This is why you are happy and the Father is also happy.

Cultural Wing: What plans have you made? Now make someone emerge whose sound can spread. Each group has to prepare a mike with might. It will happen. Nowadays, very good cultural programmes take place everywhere and everyone has an interest in that. If someone like that becomes an instrument to spread the sound, many will be benefited. It is good that you continue to create programmes and you should continue to do that. When you do it with a lot of love, it is good and the results are also good. Now make such a mike emerge and, hearing his sound, many can be benefited. Very good. Now continue to move ahead.

International Youth Group: The Youth are also creating good programmes to spread the sound. And you are also creating good programmes for your own efforts. BapDada has heard the news, the good news that you have had transformation and will keep this transformation for all time. You are coming close to the dharna of the angelic form. So, will the transformation that you have brought about within yourself stay when you return or will it decrease a little? Will it stay? Those who think that it will always remain, raise your hands! BapDada has heard the result that you have had very good transformation and realization, and if the youth group becomes like this for all time, your name will be glorified throughout the world. You have shown good zeal and enthusiasm. BapDada is pleased to see the courage, zeal and enthusiasm, but remember the word "always". Brahmin souls can do whatever they want. BapDada has already given you homework. Therefore, we shall see how many from the youth group claim a number and a prize in this. You will claim a prize in this, will you not? (150 youth from 33 countries participated in this.) It is good. It is very good that you continue to do this every year. You are moving forward and that is also good. You have made good effort.

International Children's Group: Children sang a song: Baba, You performed wonders. You too must show wonders. The Father has performed wonders and now you have to perform wonders. You may sit down.

Tamil Nadu Zone is also here for service: It is good. It is small, but it has good power. Tamil Nadu has made a VIP emerge - it was Tamil Nadu that brought this soul. The one who is the President today came in connection in Tamil Nadu. Achcha, just as you made that one emerge, now make others instruments. His sound is also working to some extent, is it not? So, if you continue to make such souls instruments, then the little one (Tamil Nadu) will become equal to God. In fact, there is a good number. How many in total? (12,000 brothers and sisters.) It is good. You may be small, but you have performed great wonders. So, BapDada likes it. Continue to make plans and continue to do it. You have given good co-operation in service. You have taken a golden chance and you have to become instruments to bring about the golden world. Very good. Achcha.

Cards and letters through e-mails of greetings and congratulations have come to Baba from the children everywhere, through various means. Multimillion times congratulations to all those who have sent greetings. BapDada is seeing the children personally in front of Him, even though they may be sitting far away. You are sitting at your own places with so much zeal and enthusiasm. Seeing this, BapDada is pleased and the children are also happy. You are giving greetings and receiving greetings. BapDada heard the news that you make night into day, and so how many times should Baba give blessings and love from His heart to such children? You have good zeal and enthusiasm and it will remain the best of all. Now, all those who are sitting far away, make yourselves number one in claiming this prize. Achcha.

Those who have come for the first time, stand up! It is good. BapDada is pleased to see all the children. The new ones who have come should go fast having come last and show everyone by claiming the first number. It is good that expansion is taking place; new ones come in every turn. Now, simply remain immortal and make others immortal. Always continue to give yourself the blessing of remaining immortal. Achcha. There are more mothers. At the confluence age, it is the turn of the mothers. There are no fewer Pandavas. They are good. Achcha, Pandavas, sit down! Mothers, remain standing! There are more mothers. Achcha. Today, everyone has to sit longer anyway.

To all the children everywhere who are constantly moving forward with zeal and enthusiasm, to the children who are worthy of receiving multimillionfold help from BapDada because of their courage, to the victorious children who are always victorious jewels now, and who have been victorious in every cycle, who are this now and are definitely victorious in every cycle, to the children who always belong to the one Father and who are free from both attractions, who are neither attracted to the world nor to the sanskars, to such children who are always equal to the Father, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

To the Dadis: (To Dadiji): You make everyone content through your drishti and your yogyukt stage. Having been here a short time, everyone goes back happy. You are receiving the fruit of the income that you have accumulated over a long period of time. (Dadiji meets thousands.) You are playing a good part. (Mohiniben is getting well.) She has to get well. (To Dadi Nirmalshanta): Your zone is the biggest of all, and your zone is very fortunate. (Whose daughter am I?) She has the intoxication of that. And everyone who sees you becomes happy. Seeing your happiness, everyone becomes happy. They see you as an idol. Very good. (To Dadi Shantamani): All of you are playing your part very well. You don't have to do anything, but your presence does everything. They see the Father's form through you and so they all become happy. (Manohar Dadi has adopted silence.) She has done many lectures. Your name used to be number one in all-round service. BapDada has even spoken about this in the murlis. Just have some treatment, and everything will be fine. It is not a big thing. Everyone remembers you, do they not? No one else can play your special part. No one can relate the history like you do; so, play your part. Everything will be fine; it is not a big thing. (To Dadi Ratanmohini): This one is a ruler of the globe who is always touring. You are playing a good part. You are an original jewel and an original jewel is valuable. Your presence reminds everyone of BapDada.

At midnight, at the auspicious beginning of the year 2006, Avyakt BapDada gave greetings for the New Year to all the children: All the children celebrated the New Year with a lot of love. You celebrated and also made a promise to BapDada that you will finish your sanskars. So, you have to finish them and unite everyone with good wishes, pure feelings and elevated vibrations. To finish, to unite and to celebrate. Everything is included in this. Now, remain very cheerful through the whole year and make everyone happy: I am a contented soul. Remain content and make others content. This is celebrating, this is the Father's love and these are the blessings. These are the love and remembrance. Namaste to everyone.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *