18-01-2003          Om Shanti          Avyakt Bapdada          Madhuban

Become powerful through the awareness of the Brahmin birth and make everyone powerful.

Today, the variety of sweet words of loving remembrance and necklaces of pearls of love, of all the loving children, reached BapDada before amrit vela. The children's love makes even BapDada merge in the ocean of love. BapDada saw that each child has an unbroken power of love. This power of love is making every child an easy yogi. On the basis of love, you are going beyond all attractions and moving forward as much as possible. Baba didn't see a single child who hasn't experienced receiving unique and lovely love from BapDada and the special souls. The beginning of Brahmin life of every Brahmin soul has been through the power of love. This power of love of this Brahmin birth has become a blessing and is making you move forward. Therefore, today is a special day of love between the Father and the children. Each one of you in your heart has garlanded BapDada with many, many necklaces of pearls of love. All other powers are merged on this day, but the power of love is in an emerged form. BapDada is also lost in the ocean of the children's love.

Today is called the day of remembrance (awareness). The day of remembrance is not just the day of remembrance of Father Brahma, but BapDada says: Today, and always, remember all the different types of awareness that BapDada has reminded you of from the moment you took Brahmin birth up to now. Remember the rosary of those forms of awareness and it will become a very long rosary. What was the first awareness that all of you received? You do remember the first lesson, do you not? Who am I? This awareness gave you a new birth and it transformed your attitude, vision and awareness. As soon as you remember such an awareness, you have the sparkle of spiritual happiness in your eyes and on your face. You remember the awareness whereas devotees chant and turn the beads of a rosary. If you repeatedly remember even one awareness from amrit vela until the time you become a karma yogi, this awareness makes you powerful, because as is your awareness, so you automatically develop that power. This is why today is called the day of remembrance and also the day of power. As soon as Father Brahma comes in front of you and as soon as the Father's vision falls on you souls, you receive power. All of you are experienced. All of you are experienced, are you not? Whether you saw in the corporeal form or whether you experience it in the avyakt stage while being sustained through the avyakt form, as soon as you say BapDada from your heart, you automatically receive power. Therefore, o powerful souls, now make other souls powerful with your power. You have this enthusiasm, do you not? You have enthusiasm. You have to make powerless souls powerful, do you not? BapDada has seen that there is very good enthusiasm everywhere for making weak souls powerful.

You are planning programmes for Shiv Ratri with a lot of pomp and splendour. All of you have enthusiasm, do you not? Do you have this enthusiasm? Those who have the enthusiasm to perform wonders on this year's Shiv Ratri, raise your hands! Perform such a wonder that all upheaval ends and there is victory: Wah! Wah powerful souls! Wah! All zones have planned programmes. Punjab has also planned them. It is good. Give at least a drop to the souls who are wandering, to thirsty souls and to peaceless souls. Nevertheless, they are your brothers and sisters. You do feel mercy for your brothers and your sisters, do you not? Nowadays, at the time of calamities, they do remember God, but they remember the Shaktis and deities such as Ganesh, Hanuman and other deities a lot more. So who are they? You are those, are you not? They remember you every day. They are calling out: Merciful one, compassionate one, have mercy! Have compassion! Give even a small drop of peace and happiness. They are thirsty for one drop from you. O Shaktis, o deities, is the sound of unhappy and thirsty souls not reaching you? It is reaching you, is it not? When BapDada hears the call, He remembers the Shaktis and the Devs (deities). So, Dadiji has created a good programme. BapDada likes it. Every day is a day of remembrance but today, you received special powers through remembrance. BapDada is now telling all the children everywhere: from tomorrow until Shiv Ratri, keep the special aim with your heart to definitely give the maximum number of souls a drop and the message through your thoughts, words, relationships and connections using one method or another. End the complaint against you. You children think that the date of destruction is not yet visible and so you will end the complaint against you any time, but no! If you don't end that complaint now, you will receive a complaint from people saying: Why didn't you tell us before? We too would have done something. Now, they will say: Oh Prabhu! Therefore, let them take a drop of some of the inheritance. Give them some time too. Quench their thirst with even just one drop. For those who are thirsty, even one drop has a lot of importance. So this is the programme, is it not, BapDada is not just showing the green flag, but beating the drums, that from tomorrow you contented souls give the message to all souls. At least on Shiv Ratri everyone should sweeten their mouths that, on the Father's birthday, they too received the message. Relate this Dilkhush sweet to everyone, feed it to them. Don't celebrate Shiv Ratri in an ordinary way, but show some wonders. Do you have this enthusiasm? Do those in the first line have it? Create a lot of splendour. At least let them understand how Shiv Ratri has such great significance. It is the birthday of our Father. Let them hear this and celebrate in happiness. Achcha.

All of those who are sitting here - you have to go everywhere, but all of those who are sitting here, how many are there? (13,000 people sitting in the hall.) Achcha, all of those sitting here, those from Madhuban will say: To whom would we give the message? Nowadays, there are many villages near Madhuban. There are many people, whether it is up in Madhuban or down below in Shantivan. At least make one soul belong to you. You give the message to many, but at least make one soul worthy to claim his inheritance.

If everyone creates one, then 900,000 will be prepared. Do you agree? Will you do this or just speak about it? Don't just raise your hand, but do it with your heart. Are you going to do it? (Asking Dada Narayan): Are you going to do it? BapDada has said that there should be a list of 900,000 and that will be prepared, will it not? Therefore, in the next season, BapDada wants to hear the good news that there aren't 600,000, but there are now 900,000, or even more than that. Is this right? Shaktis, teachers, is this right? Teachers should prepare a bracelet. Teachers of Punjab and Rajasthan, raise your hands! Teachers can create many others. However, you must also inspire others to create them. It is good. How many teachers are there? If each one were to prepare 9, then 9 lakhs would be prepared. What do you think? Will Baba receive this good news by the next meeting. Nirwair, speak! Will Baba receive this news? Will this happen? This is not a big thing. There are 600,000 of you, and only 300,000 are now needed. It will happen. All of you simply have to have the courage that you have to do this. What will you say? Say: We have to do it. The power of thought is a very great power. What can the thoughts of you Brahmin souls not do? Each one of you has to keep in your awareness how important your elevated thoughts are.

BapDada saw that, at amrit vela, the majority of you have very good intoxication of remembrance and Godly attainments. However, there is a difference in the intoxication that you have at amrit vela and when you are in your karma-yogi stage. What is the reason for this? While performing actions, you remain both soul conscious and action conscious. The method for this is: While performing actions, I, the soul. Which soul? You know that already. You have received different forms of self-respect of the soul. Such a soul is one who becomes karavanhar (one who makes others act) and makes the physical senses act. These physical senses are my workers, but I am karavanhar who works through the workers. I am detached. In the world too, when a director gives directions while performing his duties, to his colleagues or those who are the instruments for service, does he forget that he is a director? He has the awareness: I, myself, am a powerful karavanhar soul. The soul and the body - the awareness that one is karanhar and one is karavanhar becomes merged. Do all of you old children recall what Father Brahma practised in his early days? You saw one of his diaries, did you not? In the whole diary, there were just the words: I am a soul, Jasoda (lokik wife) is a soul, this child is a soul. This one is a soul, that one is a soul. He constantly practised this foundation. Therefore, you constantly need to practise the first lesson: Who am I? You do need to check yourself. Don't think: I am a soul anyway. Experience that I, the soul, as karavanhar, am getting the work done. Karanhar is separate from karavanhar. You also heard Father Brahma's other experience that the physical senses are the workers. You heard about the court that was held every night, did you not? So, as a master, he asked his workers, the physical senses, about their welfare. Therefore, Father Brahma practised this foundation very firmly. Therefore, what did the children who lived with him in his last days experience? That even while performing actions and being in the body and walking and moving around, the father was experienced to be bodiless. Although he had to settle the accounts of karma, he did that as a detached observer. Neither was he influenced by the accounts of his karma nor did he give others the experience that he was settling his karmic accounts. Were you aware that Father Brahma was becoming avyakt? You weren't aware, were you? It was because he practised being detached, an observer, bodiless, that is, the karmateet stage, over a long period of time that that form was experienced at the end. This practice over a long period of time is very useful. Don't think that you will renounce the consciousness of the body at the end. No. The experience of being bodiless and detached from the body, the karavanhar stage is needed. The final moments for anyone - young, old, healthy or ill - can come at any time. Therefore, pay attention to the practice of being a detached observer over a long period of time. No matter how many natural calamities come, this bodiless stage will easily make you detached and loved by God. Therefore, BapDada is making you underline the term "over a long period of time". No matter what happens, repeatedly experience the stage of a detached observer, the stage of being karavanhar and the bodiless stage. Then, at the final moments, you angels are guaranteed to become deities. If you want to become like the Father, then the Father is incorporeal and an angel. To become like Father Brahma means to stay in the angelic stage. Just as when you saw the angelic form in the corporeal form, you experienced that the Father, while listening, speaking or carrying out his activities in the body, was detached. To put aside your work and then become bodiless is possible for a short period of time. However, whilst carrying out your activities, make time to continue to experience the powerful bodiless stage. All of you are angels. By taking support of this Brahmin birth from the Father, you are carrying out your task in the corporeal form in order to give the message. An angel means to be detached from the body while in the body. You saw this example in Father Brahma. It is not impossible. You saw and experienced it. All of you who are instruments now, even though there is a lot of expansion now, none of you have as much responsibility as Father Brahma did of the new knowledge, new life, and of creating a new world. Therefore, everyone's aim is to become equal to Father Brahma, that is, to become an angel. To become equal to Father Shiva means to stabilise yourself in the incorporeal stage. Is this difficult? You love Bap and Dada, do you not? Therefore, become like the One you love. When you have the thought that you have to become equal to the Father, then it is not difficult. Simply repeatedly pay attention. This is not an ordinary life. There are many who are leading ordinary lives. There are many who are carrying out great tasks. However, no one apart from you Brahmin souls, can carry out the task that you are.

Therefore, today, on this day of remembrance, BapDada is giving you the blessing: Come close! Come close! Come close! Liberate the boat of your mind from all limited supports, all the limited supports of thoughts, words, deeds, relationships and connections. From now, have the alokik experience of being liberated in life, as though having jeevanmukti over a long period of time. Achcha.

Baba received many letters from everywhere. BapDada also received the news and report of Madhuban residents becoming free from anger. BapDada is pleased with their courage. And for the future, in order to remain constantly free, always wear the armour of the power of tolerance. Then, no matter how much someone tries, you will always remain safe. Achcha.

To such souls who have determination and are always an embodiment of remembrance; to the special souls who constantly use all their powers at the right time; to those who are merciful to all souls; to those who put into the corporeal form the thought of becoming equal to the Father; to such very, very, very lovely and unique children, BapDada's love, remembrance and namaste.

BapDada speaking to the servers of Punjab: Those from Punjab have played their part of unlimited service well. BapDada is pleased that every zone is putting into a practical form their golden chance for service with great zeal and enthusiasm. The name of Punjab is given on the basis of the rivers there. Nowadays, people believe rivers to be purifiers. Therefore, those from Punjab are number one in giving everyone the message, are you not? The rivers constantly continue to flow, and so Punjab also continues to move forward by giving the message. You have created many good programmes, have you not? BapDada has seen that all of you have very good enthusiasm. It is the place of the original establishment and therefore there are many more Shaktis. This is why your instrument Dadi Chandermani was given the title of "The Lioness of Punjab". Therefore, all of you are lionesses, are you not? You are not weak, are you? Pandavas, you are not weak, are you? You are powerful, are you not? Say, "Ha ji!" BapDada knows that each lion and lioness is clever at hunting. Lions are clever at hunting, are they not? So, all of you are very clever. Next season, Punjab will bring the maximum quantity. Therefore, congratulations in advance. It is good. BapDada is pleased to see each one: Wah My serviceable children, Wah! Pandavas are wonderful. Shaktis are also wonderful. Now beat the drums of "Wah Baba, Wah!" Everyone should say, "Wah our Baba! Wah!" Is this OK? Do you have the courage? You have courage and you also have multimillion-fold help from BapDada. It is fine. Look, the names (of the instruments there) are Achal (Unshakeable) and Prem (Love). So, where there is love and where there is stability, there is everything, is there not? What more do you want? You want love and you want an unshakeable stage. What more do you want? Baba is mentioning the names of such instrument souls. Everyone's name is very meaningful. They are both standing in front of Baba and so Baba is mentioning the names of both of them. However, each of you is a jewel seated on BapDada's heart-throne. Is this OK?

To the double foreigners: Double foreigners have double intoxication because they feel that just as the Father has come from a faraway land, so they too have come from far away. BapDada has seen one speciality of the double-foreign children, that they ignite a lamp from another lamp and, in this way, they have celebrated the Diwali of the ignited lamps of BapDada in many countries. Even now, Baba heard that children have come from so many lands. (35) Children from 35 countries have come to this meeting. And how many other countries are there outside? So double foreigners have a great interest in giving the message. BapDada has seen that in every group there are children from 35 to 40 countries. Congratulations! Constantly continue to fly and, as angels, continue to give the message while flying. It is good. BapDada is not seeing just you of the 35 countries, but He is seeing those of other lands with you as well. Therefore, you are the number one souls who will become equal to the Father, are you not? Are you number one or those who will become numberwise? Are you number one? Are you not numberwise? To become number one means to win at every moment. Those who win claim number one. You are like that, are you not? Very good. You are victorious and are those who will always remain victorious. Achcha. Wherever you go, remind everyone that all double foreigners have to become number one. Give everyone Baba's remembrance. These people celebrate Shiv Ratri here, but you can give the message, can you not? Therefore, next season, there has to be double the number that there is now. There will be double the number, will there not? There definitely has to be. Achcha.

BapDada is giving all the mothers, all the lovely mothers of Gaupal, lots and lots of love and remembrance from His heart. And the Pandavas - whether youth or householders - have always been companions of the Lord of the Pandavas. BapDada is giving lots and lots of love and remembrance to such Pandavas who are companions. Teachers are thinking that Baba has not seen them. Baba is seeing them.

To the teachers: Teachers are those who give a vision of BapDada through their features. The teachers have the special service of revealing BapDada and their own future through their features. Let each one's features always be like an exhibition. The pictures of an exhibition automatically give their own introduction. So your features should always be a mobile exhibition and automatically continue to remind each one. Do you understand? Lots and lots of love and remembrance to the Kumaris who are more elevated than a 100 Brahmins.

To the children: There is no splendour without children. Children are the decoration of the home, the decoration of BapDada. BapDada sees you children as kingly children. Each child is a kingly child. It is like this, is it not? Is it like this, children? Are you kingly children or subject children? Very good. Everyone is happy to see the children. Now, children, perform wonders! You children too have to prepare your equals. You will do this, will you not? Achcha.

Dadis: What do you remember today? You received will power, did you not? You have the blessing of will power. You have played a very good part and therefore, congratulations! You have received many blessings from everyone. Everyone becomes happy on seeing you, whether you speak or not. When something happens to you, everyone feels that it has happened to them. Everyone has so much love. Everyone has such love. You have a lot of love for everyone. It is this love that is making everyone move. Whether there is more or less dharna, it is the love that is making them move. Very good.

Ishu Dadi: This one has also settled her accounts. (Ishu Dadi had fallen and had to rest.) It doesn't matter. This one's effort is easy. Her accounts are settled easily. It happened very easily while lying down. You received comfort like Vishnu. Achcha. Nevertheless, you have been a protector of the yagya from the sakar days until now. There are many blessings for being a protector of the yagya.

All the Dadis are very, very close to BapDada. You are the jewels who are close. Everyone has a lot of value for the Dadis. The gathering is also good. The gathering of you Dadis has protected the yagya for so many years and will continue to do so. This unity is the basis of all success. You have kept the Father in the middle. This attention you have kept is very good. Achcha. Are all of you fine?

Mohiniben: Is your health OK? You have good courage. You are able to cope with everything. Something comes and it goes away. This too is a power.

Manohar Dadi: You now know how to work with the elements. An old motor has to be pushed every now and again. This is why you are making do with everything very well. For all of you to remain present is success in everything. It is good. All of you are going to see the day of remembrance. Achcha.

* * * * OM SHANTI * * * *