14-11-2002         Om Shanti         Avyakt Bapdada         Madhuban

The foundation of Brahmin life and the basis of success is faith in the intellect.

Today, the Almighty Father is seeing His almighty children everywhere. Every child has become almighty and is engaged in the elevated effort of becoming equal to the Father. BapDada is pleased to see this deep desire of the children. BapDada loves this determination of the children. BapDada says to the children: You can go ahead of the Father because even in the memorials, the Father is worshipped in a single form whereas you children are worshipped in a double form. You are also the crown on BapDada's head. Seeing the self-respect of the children, BapDada always says: Wah, those with elevated self-respect, masters of the self, children, wah! The speciality of every child is sparkling on each one's forehead and is visible to the Father. You too should now know and recognise your speciality and continue to use it for world service. Check to what extent you have become one who is loved by God and by the family, because it is at the confluence age that the Father creates the Brahmin family. Therefore, it is essential to be loved by God and also by the family.

Today, BapDada was seeing the foundation of the Brahmin life of all the children. The foundation is faith in the intellect. This is why, where there is faith, victory is already guaranteed in every thought and every task. Success is automatically and easily attained in the form of a birthright. There is no need to work hard for your birthright. Success in Brahmin life is the garland around your neck. Brahmin life means to be an embodiment of success. In Brahmin life, there is no question as to whether there will be success or not. Those who have faith in the intellect are always combined with the Father. Therefore, where the Father is combined with you, you constantly attain success. So, check to what extent you have become an embodiment of success. If there is a percentage of success, the reason for that is that there is a percentage in your faith. To have faith in just the Father is very good. However, faith means to have faith in the Father, faith in the self, faith in the drama and also, faith in the family. On the basis of faith in these four things, there is success easily and automatically.

All of you children have faith in the Father and this is why you have come here. The Father also has faith in all of you and this is why He has made you belong to Him. However, in order to become complete and perfect in Brahmin life, faith in the self is also essential. Let there constantly be in your awareness the self respect of an elevated soul that you have received from BapDada: I am an elevated soul who has received respect from God. You are not an ordinary soul, but you are a soul who has received respect from God. Therefore, to have self-respect in every thought and every action, definitely enables you to achieve success. You are not a soul who performs ordinary actions, but you are a soul who is stable in your self-respect. Self- respect in every action will easily enable you to achieve success. The sign of having faith in the intellect for the self is that there will be success and victory. In the same way, you have firm faith in the Father, and the speciality of that is that you constantly belong to the Father and the Father belongs to you. This is the basis of constant victory. "My Baba", not just "Baba", but "My Baba!" You have a right to that which is yours. A soul who says, "My Baba" and has faith in the intellect, constantly has a right to success and victory. In the same way, there has to be complete faith in the drama. Success and problems - both types of situation will come in the drama. However, at the time of a problem, the sign of having faith in the intellect is to be an embodiment of solutions. By becoming an embodiment of solutions, transform problems in a second. It is the duty of problems to come and it is the duty of those souls who have faith in the intellect to transform the problems by becoming an embodiment of solutions. Why? As soon as you Brahmin souls took Brahmin birth, you challenged Maya. You have challenged her, have you not? Or, have you forgotten that you are going to become conquerors of Maya? Therefore, the form of the problem is a form of Maya. Since you have challenged her, Maya will of course oppose you. She comes to you in the form of different types of problems in order to make you fulfil your challenge. You have to overcome her by becoming victorious with faith in the intellect. Why? Nothing new! How many times have you become victorious? Are you becoming victorious just this once at the confluence age or are you repeating what you have become innumerable times? Therefore, the problems are not new for you. Nothing new! You have been victorious many times, you are becoming that now and you will continue to become that in the future too. This is called being victorious with faith in your intellect in the drama. And the other is faith in the Brahmin family. Why? The Brahmin family means the gathering. This is not a small family. The Brahmin family of Father Brahma is the most elevated and the biggest of all families. Therefore, amidst the family, you are victorious in fulfilling the responsibility of love for the family. It isn't that you say: "The Father belongs to me, I belong to the Father, and that's it! Everything is included in this. I only have a connection with Baba. I don't have any connection with the family." However, this is also a speciality of faith. Faith in all four aspects is essential for victory. The family also makes you strong in many situations. Let it remain in your awareness that everyone within the family is an individual embodiment of dharna, numberwise. There is a variety. The memorial of this is the rosary of 108. Just think about it: There is so much difference between the first number and the 108th number? Why is this? Why didn't everyone become number one? Why were there 16,000? What is the reason for this? To understand the variety of sanskars, and to interact whilst being knowledge-full and to fulfil that responsibility, is the stage of being successful. You have to move along anyway. Where would you go if you left the family? You also have the intoxication that you have such a big family. So, in a big family, you have to move along with a big heart, knowing each one's sanskars. To move along with humility, with an attitude of good wishes and pure feelings... This is the sign of being victorious through having faith in the intellect for the family. Therefore, all of you are victorious, are you not? Are you victorious? Are the double foreigners victorious? You are waving your hands very well. It is very good. BapDada is pleased. Achcha, are the teachers victorious? Or, do you feel a little... "What should I do?" It is not like this, is it? Instead of saying "kaise" (how), use the word "aise" (it is like this). Not, "How should I do this?", but, "This is how I should do this." You have a connection with the family for 21 births. This is why those who have passed in this aspect of the family have passed in everything.

Therefore, check all four types of faith because, together with being loved by God, it is extremely essential to be loved by the family. You will receive a number on the basis of the percentage of your faith in all four. Don't think: I belong to Baba and Baba belongs to me, and that's it! It isn't like that. You say "My Baba" in a very good way, and you are always unshakeable in this faith. So, congratulations for that! However, there are also the other three. Teachers, are the four necessary? Or not? Is it that three are essential and not the fourth? Those who believe that faith in all four is essential, raise your hands. You are those who like all four aspects. Those who only like three aspects, raise your hands! There isn't anyone. Is it not difficult to fulfil that responsibility? It is very good. If you have raised your hand with your heart, then you have passed. Achcha.

Look, so many branches come to Madhuban from so many different states and become one tree. When you are in Madhuban, do you remember that you are from Delhi, that you are from Karnataka, that you are from Gujarat? All are Madhuban residents. So, it is one tree, is it not? What do all of you think at this time? Are you residents of Madhuban or residents of your own states? Are you Madhuban residents? All of you are Madhuban residents. It is very good. In any case, the permanent address of every Brahmin is Madhuban. What is your permanent address? Is it Bombay? Is it Delhi? Is it Punjab? Madhuban is your permanent address. You have just been sent to the centres for service. That is a place for service, and Madhuban is your home. Ultimately, where will you receive asylum? You are to receive it in Madhuban. This is why so many big buildings are being built, are they not?

All of you have the aim to become equal to the Father. Therefore, throughout the day, perform this drill: the drill of the mind. You perform a physical drill for good health of the body. Continue to do that because, nowadays, exercise is more essential than medicine. Do that, do a lot, but do it at the right time. Don't continue to do exercise at the time of service. It is good to exercise at the right time. However, together with that, also repeatedly exercise the mind. You want to become equal to the Father - one is incorporeal and the other is an avyakt angel. Therefore, whenever you have time, in a second, become stable in the incorporeal stage, equal to the Father. Since you want to become equal to the Father, the incorporeal stage is being equal to the Father. Whilst performing your tasks, perform all actions as an angel. An angel means double-light. Let there be no burden of the task. The burden of the task will not allow you to become an avyakt angel. So, in-between, exercise the mind in the incorporeal and the angelic stages and then there won't be any tiredness. You saw Father Brahma in the corporeal form - he was double light. There was no burden even of service. Avyakt angelic form. Then you will easily become equal to the Father. The soul is incorporeal, so if the soul becomes stable in the incorporeal stage, remembrance of the incorporeal Father will easily make you equal. Can you become stable in the incorporeal stage right now in a second? Can you do this? (BapDada conducted drill.) Continue to practise this repeatedly. Pay attention to this whilst walking and moving around and while performing actions. This practice will help you to serve through the mind and you will receive a lot of help in the stage of powerful yoga. Achcha.

Now, double foreigners, stand up! Look, in this season, the double foreigners have received a chance due to one reason or another to be in every group. You can come in every group - you have this freedom. This is fortune, is it not? It is double fortune. So, in this group too, BapDada is seeing that some have come for the first time and some are still here from the first meeting. BapDada's drishti is on all the foreigners. As much as you love the Father, the Father has multimillion-times more love for you. Is this right? Does Baba have multimillion-fold love? Your love too is love from the heart and this is why you have arrived here. Double foreigners are the decoration of this Brahmin family. You are the special decoration. BapDada is seeing that in every country they are sitting in remembrance. They are listening and also sitting in remembrance. It is very good!

Teachers: The group of teachers is also large. BapDada gives teachers a title. What title does He give you? All are friends anyway. Double foreigners are first of all friends. They like the relationship of the Friend. BapDada gives the the title, "Gurubhai" (brothers following the footsteps of the same guru and becoming equal to the guru) to the teachers, but only those who are worthy teachers. Just as the eldest son becomes equal to his father, in the same way, teachers are also "Gurubhai", because they are constant instruments for the Father's service. You are servers, equal to the Father. Look, teachers receive the Father's throne to read the murli. You receive the Guru's gaddi, do you not? This is why teachers means those who are constant servers. Whether it is through thoughts, through words or through actions, with relationships and connections - a constant server. You are like this, are you not? You are not those who love to rest, are you? Servers! Service, service and service! Is this right? Achcha.

Delhi and Agra were responsible for service this time: Agra is a companion. The army of Delhi is very big. The foundation of establishment was in Delhi and that is very good. Now, where will the foundation be for revealing the Father? Delhi or Maharashtra? Karnataka or London? Where will it be? Will it be in Delhi? Then do constant service and tapasya! Revelation will take place through the balance of both service and tapasya. Just as you created the dialogue for service, in the same way, create in Delhi a dialogue where they speak of tapasya, for only then will it be said that Delhi is Delhi. Your heart belongs to the Father anyway, but when you demonstrate this by achieving something, you will be loved by the Father. Pandavas, you are going to do this, are you not? You will do it, you will definitely do it. Do such tapasya that all moths reach the special place of Delhi, saying "Baba, Baba!" When the moths come saying "Baba, Baba!" then you can say that revelation has taken place. Therefore, you have to do this. Create this dialogue next year. You have to give the result to Baba of how many moths came and sacrificed themselves, saying "Baba, Baba!" Is this OK? It is very good! There are also many mothers.

Kumars and Kumaris: Half the hall is full of Kumars and Kumaris. Well done to the Kumars and Kumaris. Kumars and Kumaris are those who become the intense form of fire and purify souls. Kumars and Kumaris should feel mercy for the kumars and kumaris of today. They are wandering around so much. Bring your equals who are wandering onto the right path. Achcha, out of all you Kumars and Kumaris who have come, those of you who have made other souls equal to yourself this year, raise your hands. Those of you who have made others equal to yourself in service, raise your hands high. Have you Kumaris made anyone equal to yourself? You are making very good plans. Those from the hostel are raising their hands. You have not brought the proof of service. Therefore, the Kumars and Kumaris have to bring the proof of service. Is that OK?

Adhar Kumars: Adhar Kumars are no less. What newness of service will the Adhar Kumars show? Adhar Kumars should challenge the world and show that amongst all the tasks that have taken place throughout the whole cycle the most unique task is happening now. Whilst living at home with the family, the Adhar Kumars should issue a challenge that whilst both are living together, they can remain pure even in their dreams. Challenge the world in this. What they consider to be impossible, demonstrate it to them by making it possible. They consider this to be impossible, do they not? They say that fire and cotton wool cannot stay together, whereas what do you say? That you can remain pure whilst you are living together. Have you challenged them in this way? You are not weak, are you? It will be a challenge when you don't even have thoughts in your dreams. That day will also come when the great mahamandleshwars will bow down at your feet. However, you have to become perfect in this. It is good. The number of Adhar Kumars is not small either. There are many of you. You are the beauty of the Brahmin family. Achcha.

Achcha, now there remains the sweet mothers of the Innocent Lord. Look, Dadi, look, there is a group of so many mothers! It is a very good group. Show them to everyone on the TV. You are at least taking benefit with the facilities of science. This is a good Shakti Army. Let there be victory for the Shaktis. Let there be victory! Let there be victory! Look, from being weak innocent ones BapDada has made you into Shaktis. You don't consider yourself to be weak and innocent any more, do you? You are a Shakti and Shaktis are victorious anyway. Shaktis have been shown with weapons as a symbol of their victory. Shaktis holding weapons means Shaktis who have adopted all powers. Therefore, always experience yourself to be one who is an embodiment of all powers. Your memorial is a symbol of all powers. You are like this, are you not? Are all Shaktis full of all powers? It is very good! You are victorious and you will always remain victorious. Achcha.

Now none will say that they haven't met Baba. Baba has met everyone. A meeting has taken place with everyone.

Kumaris of the Indore Hostel: A kumari is one who uplifts 21 generations of souls. So how many 21 generations of souls have you reformed? Do you do service or are you becoming a server? You are becoming ready. That is good. Even so, whenever anything takes place, you are invited. You have become special souls, have you not? You are called upon by special invitation and so that is good. You yourselves are becoming the form of a Shakti and you will show your splendour by becoming just as clever in making others the same. It is good. Congratulations.

Many from the Political Wing have come. You have done very well in that you have reached your own home. Are you hosts or guests? (Hosts). The Father's home is the children's home and this is why you are hosts. Achcha.

To the victorious jewels from everywhere; to the children who are embodiments of easy success through having constant faith in the intellect; to the children who are embodiments of success and who achieve success in every service with the right of constantly saying "My Baba"; to those who are constant embodiments of solutions, to the transformer souls who transform problems; to the elevated children who constantly put into a practical form the plans of revealing the Father, BapDada's love, remembrance, congratulations - multimillion times congratulations - and namaste.

Speaking to Dadiji: Everyone loves you, the Father also loves you. (To Dadi Ratanmohini): By being co-operative you attain a lot in a subtle way. It is like this, is it not? You are an original jewel. You, an original jewel, are even now an instrument. Achcha.

* * * O M S H A N T I * * *