Welcome to Our Rajdhani Projects

Om Shanti to All
 Bapdada has inspired following projects to Create and Build Our Rajdhani
(by using Science and Instruments as guided in Avyakt Murli dated 12.02.2016.)

Phases to Create our Rajdhani

    Hindi English

Introduction - Rajdhani Infrastructure


Raja, Praja (Public) and Services


Resources, Materials and It's Control and Management

4 Designing, Modeling and Awareness    
  1. To start Modeling - Paper Model, Video Simulation Model, Physical Model    
  2. To create awareness all over world by Exhibitions and Meetings etc    
5 Roles to Create Our Rajdhani    
  1. Role of Science    
  2. Role of IT    
  3. Role of Religions    
  4. Role of Madhuban    
  5. Role of Corporate    
  6. Role of Government    
5 Implementation    
  Step by Step by Different Groups with their own Finance and Resources    
6 Transformation    
  Only Baba Knows